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I don‘t know the but login ...


If you do not know the BUT login or your BUT password:

  • To access the BUT Information System (BUT IS) you must enter you BUTlogin or your BUT personal ID and the BUTpassword. BUTlogin, BUT personal ID, and BUTpassword can be used all over Brno University of Technology.
  • You can find your BUT personal ID by searching for your personal profile at http://www.vutbr.cz/en/search.
  • In the written “notification of admittance” that you receive, you will find your initial password to access an application to generate your BUTpassword. Generating your BUTpassword via the initial password cannot be repeated. You generate one BUTpassword even if you have been admitted to more than one faculty. As a result, you will receive only one BUT personal ID and only one BUTpassword. To obtain these BUT IS credentials, you must do the following:
    • At http://login.vutbr.cz, enter your birth code and the initial password. Proceed according to the instructions on this page.
    • At the end of this transaction, you will know your BUT personal ID and the BUTpassword that you chose for access to the BUT IS. Please, do not forget the BUTpassword you have chosen and keep it secret to prevent its misuse by other persons. You should not disclose your BUTpassword or send it by e-mail. If you forget your BUTpassword, you will have to visit a person authorized at your faculty.
  • If you already have working BUT credentials from a previous study, you can keep using it storing your initial password in a safe place. If you have forgotten your previous BUTlogin and BUTpassword, please, contact an authorised person at your faculty. You will find a list of such persons in the below table.


You do not know your current BUTlogin or BUTpassword password because:

  1. You have forgotten your BUTpassword. Please, contact your system integrator/authorised person - you will find a list of such persons in the table.
  2. You have for gotten your BUTlogin. In many applications, you can use your BUT personal ID rather than your BUTlogin.
  3. My BUTlogin and BUTpassword do not work when I try to log in to the portal. You may not be using the right login (BUT personal ID or BUTlogin) or BUTpassword, as these may be the logins and passwords to other systems.
  4. Although my BUTlogin or BUTpassword have just been generated/changed for me, I still cannot log in. Changes in login credentials may take some time to take effect. They may, for instance be updated at an interval of one hour. If a change has been done, say, at 10:15, it may only be effective as from 11:01. In some applications such as BUT Portal, Student (Studis) and Teacher), changes are effective immediately.

faculty person more information
FA Doc. Ing. Jan Viktorin, CSc.
54114 6770
FCE students - study officer 
employees - Ing. Miroslav Menšík, Ph.D.
Students - the initial password for the first login to the BUT information system is included in the Notification of Acceptance to Study you receive.
A FCE student forgetting the password may have it changed when visiting Ing. Světlana Popelová, head of the Teaching and Research Department: http://www.fce.vutbr.cz/studium/. A student ICIC card is required.
FFA MgA. Vít Baloun
54114 6540
A FFA student forgetting the password, may have it changed when visiting V. Baloun. A student ICIC card is required.
FCH Ing. Jan Brada
54114 9333
A registered letter containing the initial password and notification of acceptance to study at FC has been sent to the contact address.
FEEC Ing. Radek Pokorný

Information on accounts for new students can be found at www.feec.vutbr.cz/studium/novi_studenti.php
Information on accounts for students and staff: http://www.feec.vutbr.cz/OSIS/nefunguje_heslo.php 
We do not deal with complaints and questions concerning accounts by e-mail or phone. You must visit persons listed in the previous links submitting your ID.

FIT More information https://www.fit.vut.cz/units/cvt/net/problem.php.en  
FBM Ing. Aleš Klusák
54114 3780
FME For students:
study officer
For emplyees:
Ing. Pavel Heriban
54114 2866
A FME student must visit the study officer submitting an ID to have changes made to his or her BUTpassword or FMEpassword.
A member of FME staff must visit Ing. Pavel Heriban (Institute of Automation and Computer Science) submitting an ID to have changes made to the BUTpassword.
ÚSI Ing. Jan Brada
54114 9333
CEITEC Martin Štěpán
54114 9625
REKT. Ing. Miloš Trávníček
54114 5410
This also applies to the Lifelong Learning Institute, Project Support Centre, VUTIUM Press, and Central Library.
KAMB Ing. Vítězslav Křivánek
54114 2901
 If you forget your BUTpassword, you will have to visit a person authorized at your faculty.