An expert visit – Inspiration from Austria (EF-Trans project)

During December 22 – 24, 2011 the BUT welcomed Dr. Thomas Bereuter. The visit was enabled by BUT participation in the EF-Trans project and was co-ordinated by the Technology Transfer Office. The objective of the collaboration with the distinguished foreign experts within EF-Trans project is to gain best practise examples, which should serve as an inspiration for further development of technology transfer.

The agenda comprised of workshops for TTO team focusing on concrete aspects of technology transfer. The first meeting introduced our university and summed up challenges and opportunities that our university and TTO face. In the afternoon the collaboration focused on introduction of a tool for evaluation of intellectual property and review a of sample contract. Second day a workshop with TT managers took place to work on a model technology transfer case which lead into a vivid discussion about business development issues at the university. Later on a discussion about technology offer essentials, university spin-off business plan structure and conflict of interest issues followed.

Discussions were accompanied by best practise examples from Austria and other countries such as for instance:

  • Science Fit Programme which being financially supported by regional government established and sustained a technology transfer expert network at universities,
  • Initiative which lead into acceptance of framework guidelines for research collaboration of industries and research organisations by the Federation of Austrian industries.

We consider the visit beneficial and hope the collaboration will continue in the forthcoming year.


Dr. Bereuter graduated in biochemistry and worked as a research assistant in bio analytical and forensic sciences at University of Vienna. For 6 years he was an executive director of Technology Licensing Office at the University of Gratz. His expertise includes IP management, licensing and strategy development for commercialisation. He is also a trainer for international associations and organisations (WIPO, LES and EPO) and volunteers as a vice president of the Licensing Executives Society in Austria.

Published: 2011-12-09

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