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Mobile remote laboratory rLIBS

Unique device that allows the sample analysis with a laser pulse at a distance of up to 20 meters, weighs about 180 kg. Despite its weight the rLIBS laboratory can be taken to the sample and analyze it due to its mobile pedestal. Other advantages of this device include the speed of analysis, ability to analyze samples of all states and dimensions without any special preparations needed and finally ability to define vast amount of elements of the periodic table.

The basis of modern analytic method LIBS is targeted laser beam, which firstly takes off a small part of material (a few micrograms), creates micro plasma and then identifies individual chemical elements. The potential use of mobile laboratory is broad: product quality control in manufacturing companies, sorting lines, detection of water, air, soil and plants pollution, analysis of rocks, building materials, gases, archaeological finds etc.

rLIBS mobile laboratory, which was presented by CEITEC at the International Engineering Fair in Brno 2014, was awarded as the most innovative exhibit with the Golden Medal by the international jury. rLIBS was developed by scientists from the Brno University of Technology, Masaryk University and company TESCAN.

Published: 2015-02-06

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