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Sport at Brno University of Technology

Studying is not only about lectures and exams. While studying at the Brno University of Technology, you can do sports and have fun throughout the whole year! Would you like to do juggling, frisbee or diving? No problem, you can choose from almost 50 different sports, both traditional, such as basketball and swimming, as well as less traditional ones. The list of sports you can choose from is available at the Centre of Sports Activities (CESA) webpage.

Brno University of Technology offers several modern sports facilities - two fitness centers, two sports complexes and ship yard. BUT students may enroll two hours of sport a week as an optional subject, for further physical activities they have to pay extra.

If you do not want to stick to recreational sports only, you can join the school team and participate in academic sport competitions in which BUT students achieve very good results.

And this isn't still enough for you, you can do some accredited instructor course, for example skiing or fitness course or sign up for one of the one-week sports courses. There is simply a large range of sports and therefore we believe that you will find it easy to choose.

Published: 2011-05-03

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