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Artificial dental enamel

Scientists from CEITEC (Central European Institute of Technology) work on development of ultra hard varnish that can replace natural dental enamel. Varnish which makes a protective layer on the tooth would be widely applicable in stomatology. Natural enamel of permanent does not renew naturally, so the existence of a replaceable varnish is much requested.

Varnish can protect the dental tissue and moreover it limits creation of tooth microbial coating. Another use is possible in cosmetic stomatology and that is whitening. Compared to the current whitening methods the usage of varnish does not involve any negative effects.

Artificial enamel has many advantages, both functional and esthetical. It can protect black and white fillings and thus prolong their lifetime. It contains antibacterial agent which decreases the formation of tooth caries and reduces unpleasant odor. 

Published: 2013-05-23

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